Try something new for fun – Docker!

I did something new today…new for me, but others have been doing for some time.  I deployed a Docker image to Cloud Foundry in the SAP Cloud Platform.  One of the most awesome things I love about my job is that I get to explore new stuff…perhaps not as timely as others…but I am able to learn new technologies and see how it all works.

It’s important to keep learning! 

Testing and development support teams have been using virtualization for many years.  The concept of getting an extra testing or development machine in the form of new hardware on your desk seems so 1990’s.  These folks can “spin up” a version of a Windows system, or Linux, pre-configured for you to use how you want. When you’re done using the system, they just shut the image down.  No hardware to recycle or carry from room to room. It’s like magic.

I often use virtualization software such as VMWare Workstation Pro, so the concept of images and containers is not new.  Virtualization has opened a lot of doors for me to learn Linux and SAP HANA.  Creating a new image is easy (ish) in Workstation Pro since some of the Linux distributions allow you to download pre-packaged images that you can import and “go”.  It seems that using Docker images is pretty much the same.  You can create a base docker image with many of the Linux distributions, and then go from there.  Today I didn’t need to do anything quite as involved, but rather just tested out how Docker works with Cloud Foundry.

Deploy a Docker Container to SCP Cloud Foundry

Since I use Windows 7 on my primary laptop, I chose to install the Docker Toolbox.  This seems to have all the functionality I needed to get started.  Here’s the link to the download:

What I did today was follow simple instructions from an SAP blog post:

In the SAP blog post, Akshay Nayak provides a simple Tomcat application that you build in Docker, create an image, and then deploy the image to the SCP Cloud Foundry.  Since I have had a little bit of experience with Cloud Foundry, and have a Cloud Foundry trial account with SAP, the only thing new for me here was Docker.


p.s. This blog post is in no way any attempt to promote any one technology over another, or one provider over another, but rather share my experience and say “YAY” I learned something new!




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